TtH's Crossing Over Awards '08 is now in progress!

Go, Now. NOMINATE FOR THE AWESOME CATEGORIES from your favorites on the site!! :-)

Full On Swayze -Best Unfinished Crossover (Supernatural)
Link to story:

This has to be one of my most well received stories. How can you go wrong with Spirit!Dean possessing Faith's body and then getting stuck? :)

Whispers in the Darkness -Best Portrayal of Dawn, Best Supernatual Fic, Best Response to a Challenge
Link to story:

This story is woefully underappreciated in my humble opinion. I think it's one of the best fics I've written so far. And it's even complete! It's full of dark and twisty that should make the ending a real shocker.

Saturn's Fantastical Fanart -Best Fanart

I only have 6 images in this story so feel free to pick the one you think should be nominated. Wink I think this one is the best though:

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