The Kinda Gay Awards

Willow Finds the Key was nominated. So check out the awards so you can vote for me support this wonderful community. :)
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From KGA

Congrats on your nomination. However, it's stated in our rules that f-locked stories cannot be nominated. Is your story archived elsewhere, somewhere our judges will be able to access it? Or would you be willing to unlock until the current round is over?

Let me know.

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Re: From KGA

It can be found here also.

I'll look back at the original LJ post and see if I can figure out how to change it. I originally f-locked it due to content but since LJ has the adult content notice that should suffice.
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Re: From KGA


Wires crossed, I suppose. I changed the link to the one you sent me earlier - if you rather I linked to your LJ, you'll have to re-send me the link since I deleted the last one! Oops!


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