Yes that's right. My daughter wanted to play Barbies so I had to get out my "action figures". (they"re not dolls!!!) :)

In this exciting episode Faith is given a crown by Queen Butterfly (who isn't bothered by nudity. apparently our values mean nothing to the half butterfly half human Barbie community). Now Princess Faith has to ride the magical least until the Queen takes it all back and gives it to her daughter. Luckily Faith is instead given a pegasus. And then it was time to weatch TV before bed. The End. :)

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( Nov. 27th, 2007 12:37 pm)
Just a random post about my daughter since it was her birthday yesterday. She is 3 now. :)

My wife wrapped presents yesterday so there are empty wrapping paper rolls and some other random Christmas things in the living room. So this morning Athena starts playing with these plastic holiday cups by putting them over her hands and saying she's a super hero. Then she grabs the wrapping paper rolls and starts looking through them like a telescope. Apparently this is what pirates do so she keeps saying "Argh! I'm a pirate." This is soon followed by the tubes being used like a sword and then I get told to "walk the plank."

And while I'm at's just cool that the Backyardigans taught my daughter about all the other important things in life. Ninjas, Samurai, Werewolves, Vampires, and Mad Scientists and words like laboratory. :)

We also got a bunch of pictures done and some of you might be lucky enough to get one of the Christmas cards we had made. If you want one just do a separate post on this thread. I have it screened so your address will be secret. :)
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( Apr. 18th, 2007 12:50 am)
So I have to be impressed with my 2 year old daughters ability to take the things we teach her and twist them to her own purposes.

Lesson 1: We have successfully taught Athena to NOT eat things from the floor. Go us! :)

Lesson 2: We have also taught her that trash is 'yucky' and goes in the trash can and once trash goes in the can it doesn't come out.

So how does Athena combine these two things? I gave her a banana and apparently she decided she didn't want to eat it. She wanted to eat candy so she shook the banana as hard as she could until it broke and fell on the floor. Oops. Now since you can't eat food off the floor (see Lesson #1) it is now 'yucky' and yucky trash goes in the trash can. (See Lesson #2) Problem solved.


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