So I am just sitting here looking up some stuff on the net with my not-quite-2-yr-old daughter right beside me watching TV. Imagine my surprise when out of the blue she says "Fuck!"

I hoped that maybe she was trying to say some spanish word or something that the cartoon was saying. So of course I say: "What did you say?"

She looks up at me. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Which was quickly followed by "Fucker!"

Maybe I'll just let mommy discover that on her own. :) I swear it wasn't me! Must be that potty mouth mommy! Either that or somehow my daughter read Jinni's LJ. LOL
So my 19 month old daughter is sitting on the couch climbing all over me. She is baby talking a mile a minute. Apparently I should have listened better. She was trying to tell me what she wanted. It seemed she wanted to go play in the bathtub.

The message was delivered via...
Click here to see the secret technique she used )


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