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( Aug. 13th, 2008 11:13 pm)
So the Olympics are on at my store and we all heard the announcer say "He exploded off the block!" about a swimmer. Why did multiple people in the store laugh and immediately think of a guy actually exploding on the block. :)

Oh and I made some icons from a couple of comics that we looked at today.

ETA 1: OH. MY. GOD. The gymnast that was just on the horse just popped wood after doing gymnastics. He must really like gymnastics.

ETA 2: Two words...Misty Hymen.

ETA 3: I wonder if the Chinese athletes that get disqualified and stuff get executed?

ETA 4: When is Olympic LARPing or Olympic Dice Rolling?

ETA 5: [thick russian accent] In Mother Russia the apparatus mounts you.
Here are some handy links to help you order.

IPB ImageBuffy the Vampire Slayer #6

IPB ImageBuffy the Vampire Slayer #7

IPB ImageSupernatural Origins #5

If you are missing the any of the earlier issues of Buffy the Vampire
Slayer then you're in luck. Dark Horse is going back to press for
final printings of issues 1-4. We'll have them once they're out in the
next few weeks.

Also with Supernatural Origins ending next month we will be carrying
the brand spanking new Supernatural Magazine from Titan Publishing.
There will be a news-stand cover and a Previews Exclusive cover that
will only be available through specialty stores like us. We'll have
both covers as well as 2 new Supernatural Posters (1 of Sam & 1 of
Dean) up in our Advance Order section in the next few days.

Due to arrive Wednesday the 10th is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Villains Willow Statue. We'll only have a few of these and the overall print
run was 1000 statues. I'll have one on my shelf which means there are
only 999 left worldwide! smile.gif

IPB ImageBtVS Villains Willow Statue

Also in stock is the Serenity 'River Triumphant' Statue. Check it out, it's pretty nice.
IPB ImageSerenity 'River Triumphant' Statue
So I was reading my Buffy #6 and saw this panel. It melts my crossover brain. :) Oh and here's a link to order a #6 from me so I can justify doing this at work.

Pic behind cut (NOT spoilery for the comic) )
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 06:12 pm)
In an effort to not get my wife too pissed I've been keeping more and more of my personal comics at my store. I used all the allotted space at home so had the most recent 6 or so boxes in the back at the store. Since space is at a premium there as well I stacked them up next to one of my indoor AC units. It's one of those types where half is on the roof and half is inside so I don't have to cut huge holes in the roof to run duct work. The waste water is pumped up to the roof through a hose and then comes out pipe or something that hangs off the roof.

Well last night it seems the pump stopped working or something because all the water leaked out of the bottom of the unit. It spread all over the carpet and under my comics that were stacked up next to it. The storage boxes are all ruined of course. One of the boxes on the floor was store comics but they were crap comics so if they're ruined it's no big deal. The sad part *sob* comes in when I open my two boxes. One is completley bagged and boarded so is fine. The other one is unbagged comics. All 200 comics are water damaged. And it's a 6 month run of my X-Men, Batman, Star Wars and all manner of things I don't or won't be able to replace. I know, I know, I'm a savage for not properly caring for my comics. But then my inner collector was beaten down by my inner comic reader and I realized that A)I'd probably never sell my collection and B)that they were still readable so I sucked it up and vowed to never put off bagging and boarding my comics.

Of course I still have to clean up the wet carpet and all that nonsense. Hopefully the AC won't be too expensive to fix.
So I'm just curious what comics if any you read/collect/look at the pretty pictures. I've seen lots of discussion on Buffy and Supernatural Origins comics of course since most people I know online are associated with one or both of those fandoms.

I'll go first...I put descriptions or expanded on why I like it under a cut.

Current comics I'm reading include:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (duh!) )
Runaways )
The Ride: Die Valkyrie )
Civil War )
Thor )
Y the Last Man )

Feel free to let me know what your favorites are. Or join me in a squee about the ones I like. :) Feel free to link other people to this since I want lots of talk about comics. Please? You don't even need reasons for why you like a book. Just participate!

Here's a handy link to order Supernatural Origins #3 since it is scheduled to arrive July 5th. If you order now you can still have it mailed out with the first wave.
Supernatural Origins #3

If you still need issue #1 or #2 we still have those available
Supernatural Origins #1
Supernatural Origins #2

For Anita Blake fans this comic will be out soon and has all new material that takes place 1 year before Guilty Pleasures.
Anita Blake First Death #1

And since there's no Buffy this month I wanted to point out that we did get the Buffy Omnibus Vol 1 in this week. Check it out.
So for those of you that didn't know...the Buffy Season 8 #1 came out yesterday. I read it and I have to say it's incredible. I *heart* Joss Whedon.

But what shocked me is that it sold out at the distributor and manufacturer already. Dark Horse is rushing back to press to print new 2nd printing copies but WOW. I really didn't expect it to sell this quick. I guess stores underestimated the number of Buffy fans that are still there. :)

So if you want a copy I still have some on the shelf that be purchased here from me:

Or you can find a local store using this:

Really I'm just being selfish...I just want to talk about it with people that have read it. :)
So I was catching up on a little comic reading tonight and came across one of the best lines ever. It's from New Avengers Vol 3.

"My high tech doohickey beats their high tech doohickey." You are one cool ass dude Nick Fury. :)

As a whole I'm digging New Avengers. I thought it would be the typical boring good guys beat bad guys book. It kind of reminds me of Alias with superheroes. All the different storylines and double/triple agents and stuff. I'd definitely recommend it. Now I just have to get caught up on Civil War so I can keep reading the New Avengers trades as they come out.

I do know that it was pretty sweet when Captain America totally destroyed all those Shield Agents in hand to hand without breaking a sweat in Civil War #1 or #2. I forget which one it was in. :)

And because I can here's a Cap video


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