To all my adoring fans:

So...yeah. My laptop is dead. So chances are you won't see me online much until the new one gets here. Feel free to e-mail me or bug me via phone if you have that secret info. :) Luckily just the screen is dead so I didn't lose any info. Unfortunately the screen will cost around 400.00 to replace so I decided a new laptop for 500.00 was a better deal.

Anybody know what episode to look in to find a side view of Bobby driving a car? I'm looking for something that shows the whole top half of the car. Something I can cut out and put on top of another thing so it looks like he's driving it.
I think the computers are out to get me. Last night I was working on a sequel to my kink fic "Willow Finds the Key" when my daughter woke up. So I got her from the bed and did the good dad thing and stayed with her till she went back to sleep. Of course when she woke up crying I set the laptop down on the ground and left it on so I could come back to the story later. And then Bill Gates punched me in the crotch. Internet Explorer decided to automatically download an update that needed to restart the computer...and guess what? It did. Of course in the process of getting the daughter back to sleep I fell asleep too. So when I woke up and went to continue writing my story was gone. It did recover a paragraph or so of the 1500 or so words I had written.

The second part of my computer nightmare is that when I got to work today I opened our inventory spreadsheet. And I found that the guy who did the inventory screwed up the whole thing. There are five columns that have item names, item codes, price, category etc. They kind of sorted the first 2 only. So now the almost 1000 items have the wrong price, category and discount associated with them. Arrggh! I hate wasted man hours! Especially they get paid out of my pocket.

    Things Learned
  • Internet Explorer is the devil. I don't even use it and it still found a way to F me over
  • Always save...always
  • Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to touch spredsheets
  • If you show somebody how to do something 5 times and they still mess's time to find somebody else to do their job.


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