So after getting into Indy finally around 11am we got to the hotel and checked in. Thursday is usually a slow day at the convention since there aren't as many things going on.

True Dungeon, Supernatural RPG, Battletech, BSG, & Steve's Magic triumph! )

So until tomorrow!

EDIT The White Castle burgers destroyed the intestinal fortitude of the guys who came with me. The were sick the rest of the night. Isamu ended up vomiting in the bathroom. Drew is telling me that White Castle is so great and I'm refusing to believe it. Between puking episodes Isamu's voice comes from the bathroom to interrupt us. "They're still delicious. Even on the way up."

I kid you not. :)
So as many of you (or none of you) knew I am going to Gen Con Indy which is Thursday till Sunday. I started the day off great with my UPS shipment arriving 3 hours late due to some new UPS guy. But's cool. I planned for extra people just in case that happened. So it sucked but we got it done.

Wacky airport hijinks ensue... )

So we're just chilling in the hotel in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area using the hotels WiFi. Wireless internet for the win! \o/

And what dorks are we that we are posting to LJ/web surfing and playing Dungeons & Dragons Online? Wish me luck with tomorrow's flight. And I'll try to post about the fun times I plan to have at GenCon.


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