It's a few months off but I wanted to let people know that if you want a copy of this book you can order it from me. Just use the link below. I just need to have final numbers in by the end of the month so wanted to let people know now. :)

This is my storefront so if you have any problems just hunt me down let me know and I'll take care of it. LOL
So I am at the Baltimore Diamond/Alliance Retailer Summit and after lots of presentations and such I have learned some interesting things.
  • Howard the Duck will make a Civil War appearance (WTF?)
  • Hulk will back in a big way and will do the whole 'Hulk Smash!' in World War Hulk. I'm not normally a very big hulk fan but this looks pretty good.
  • Dabel Brother's Anita Blake will finally come out in October...published by Marvel Comics. The Dabel Brothers signed on with Marvel like Wildstorm did DC. That was why Anita Blake was delayed. Marvel wanted it to come out on their watch.
  • I was sad like many others to hear that Brian K Vaughn was leaving Runaways after #24. What the head guys at Marvel dropped on us was confirmation of who is taking over. Joss Whedon. All I can say is 'Fuck yeah!'
  • Brian K Vaughn will be overseeing a Runaways spinoff called Loners which will feature some of the Runaways...assuming Joss doesn't kill off the rest. :)
  • Also we got the word on Stephen King's Dark Tower comic series that kept getting pushed back. The now have 5 of the 7 books complete and the first will ship in February. Looks pretty awesome too.
  • And speaking of Joss Whedon I should also mention that Dark Horse had some things in the works. A new 4 issue Serenity series with Adam Hughes covers as well as a new 6 issue Buffy series that is basically season 8. Buffy will be written by Joss while Serenity will be co-written with another of the shows writers.
  • In the weirdest news Marvel will be doing some kind of crossover with Guiding Light (yes...the soap opera). Not too many details on that but it's weird.
  • Of course Wizkids had to follow up with nifty things like AVP clicks of aliens and predators for their new Horrorclix game. The also mentioned Guiding light clix as well. I'm pretty sure they were joking...hopefully.
That's all I can remember that was noteworthy. I'm sure there is much more but since I was silly and didn't take any notes...that's all I got.


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