Got these from Star Trek Inspirational Posters

I thought some of these were pretty awesome. I plan on making my own motivational posters later. :) There's a nifty site here that has all the tools I need for world domination!

See the Posters here )
My employees and I were talking yesterday while we were putting out all the new comics. This generally leads to some very interesting subjects. We ended up talking about the William Shatner Roast on Comedy Central. I know that the internet is full of sites with all kinds of crazy facts about Vin Diesel, Mr T, and Chuck Norris. What about William Shatner...he's Captain Kirk for God's sake! So I decided I'm going to start one. So if you have any random facts let's hear them. If I get enough I will try to start a site for them. :)

Random Facts about William Shatner/James T Kirk

1.Captain Kirk doesn't need to act his way out of a paper bag. He just sets his phaser to kill.
2.George Takei had no choice to become gay while filming Star Trek. Any women within 4 square miles automatically had sex with William Shatner.
3.Captain Kirk yells "KHAAAAAAN!!!" Venereal disease yells "KIIIIRK!!!"
4.A lot of people don't know but in Star Trek IV William Shatner really did travel into the past and told Paramount to produce a new Star Trek TV Series or he would drop kick them Kirk style.
5.The real reason Star Trek was canceled was because William Shatner wanted to slide across the hoods of cars. This is how we got TJ Hooker.


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