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( Mar. 10th, 2008 04:35 am)
I'd like to think that one or two of my online friends have noticed my distinct absence recently. I've talked to some of you about this but it kind of all starts with this...

My friend of 4 years and second-in-command of my business, Jason passed away on February 28th. This was the only person that really understood what my stores were all about. He literally ran my second store. And we were about 2 days away from going into business together to open a third store.

All that is really secondary to the loss of my friend. I got the call Thursday around noon. His brother called to give me the terrible news that Jason, his fiancee Theresa and his brother Josh lost their lives in a house fire. How does that happen? I mean nobody dies in a house fire caused by a malfunctioning clothes dryer. I looked it up...there are only 15 deaths a year attributed to dryers. Why the fuck did 3 of them have to be so important to me. Jason's room was over the garage and the dryer was located under the stairs. His father and his brother Josh made it out but when Josh realized Jason and Theresa were still in there. Josh rushed back in to save them but fate wasn't going to have it that way. They were trapped in the room. The stairs blocked by fire and the only window blocked by an AC unit that they couldn't get past. Jason was only 25. And he was one of the greatest people I know. He never seemed to be in a bad mood, he could always make you laugh. He just had this special geek charisma. I kept hoping it was some cruel joke and then I kept wondering why it couldn't have been someone that deserved it.

I don't think I've cried this much in my entire adult life. I'm usually Mr Bottled-Up-Emotions but not this time. It was too much and I knew it would be an insult to Jason if I didn't let me feelings show. And how do I deal with the guilt. We were friends but I ran my Portsmouth store and he ran my Virginia Beach store so we really didn't hang out much. I feel like I should have done more with him. We did talk practically every day whether it be phone, IM, or e-mail. Sometimes about store stuff, sometimes about how awesome Supernatural was and sometimes about total nonsense. And the double whammy is that not only did I lose a friend but I lost my best employee. So not only do I have to deal with my personal grief but I also have to run both stores. He passed away on Thursday and I had to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then work Monday, go to the viewing on Monday, funeral on Tuesday and work Tuesday night.

At the viewing I met his parents for the first time. It's not how I would have wanted that first meeting to be. There were about 50 people just from my stores that came to pay their respects to Jason and his brother. His parents were a bit surprised but when my wife and I got up there and they found out I owned the store his Dad got up and hugged me and started crying. They told me he loved that store. And that's when I realized I'd lost the only person that cared as much about my stores as I did. Maybe even more. And I didn't even know his parents. Next week sometime I'm, going to give them a call and meet with them under better circumstances. I can only imagine if I had to bury two of my kids. It's just not right.

And all I do when I get off work is sleep or do mindless things. And everytime I think I'm past it all I catch myself saying things like 'Jason that at the other store' and I feel bad that I forgot he's gone. I really don't know where I'm going with this other than just trying get it off my chest. I'd like to think that things will get better but until they do you'll just have to deal with emo-Steve.
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( Jul. 7th, 2007 02:26 pm)
So I met up with [ profile] azraelz_angel Friday while she was in town doing secret spy missions stuff. So we went to see Transformers and I have to say it was awesome. I didn't have very high expectations since most things based on nostalgia never seem to be as good as they seemed to be when you were a kid.

But going to see the movie with [ profile] azraelz_angel was pretty cool. After all who else would notice things like 'Hey it's Andrew!' or 'Isn't that Mary Winchester?' And this was the first time I actually went out and did something with an online friend. I did meet [ profile] tthjinni a few months back but that was more of a 'stop by and say hi' kind of thing where this had the potential to be really strange.

I did use some new words and phrases in conversation:
  • 'put it behind a cut'

  • f-list

And it was just like talking to her online except there were more facial expressions than , & and there wasn't an instant message window around her face at any point during the night. All in all I *think* good times were had by all. :)
So I got my Serenity statue today and it is effing sweet. I really need to find some local fan-friends so they can come admire it. The next best thing is of course to squee about it on LJ. Aren't you jealous? ;)


Speaking of rubbing cool things in people's faces this reminds me of one of the many 'Tales of Atlantis Games & Comics' (which I own in case you missed it).

So 'T' is a 15 year old guy who is one of my customers. Nice kid but has a problem of just saying things without really thinking them through. 'H' is a 16 year old girl that works for me. So 'T' comes by and is bragging about getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. 'H' is a bit jealous because she wanted a Wii too. She claims that 'T' is just bragging to make her feel bad. So without missing a beat 'T' says: "Hey...if you want I can come back later and rub my Wii in your face."

Of course the lot of pervs we are, we burst into laughter at that. Of course 'H' and 'T' seemed completely clueless. When we explained it to 'H' she turned bright red and after seeing 'T's expression I can now say I've seen somebody splutter.
Child care advice )

Gen Con Indy 2007 guest list...anybody else going? )
So I had grand plans to actually write a fic this past weekend. Or you ANYTHING productive.

I beat my wife )

Ballad of the Demon Biker Gang Part 2 )

ALSO: Oh and no wonder I didn't get any comments on my voice posts...they get posted as private by default so only I could see them. lol. It's fixed now. Don't expect anything important though.
I just finished packing up the copies of Buffy #3, Supernatural #1 and assorted other things that people ordered from my online storefront.

Whew. I packed up about 65 packages. And sad to say I didn't get a chance to read Supernatural #1 or more importantly Buffy #3.

Steve am much tired now. Oh and I got sick somehow. Probably germs. So while I'm packing books and helping customers it hurts to talk, swallow and I have a accompanying earache.
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( Jul. 26th, 2006 03:13 am)
Why do things cost so much?

My wife and I "own" (as in the bank owns most of it) our house. The house is pretty old so has lots of little things it needs to be fixed up. We want a new house but honestly the price of houses in the area is ridiculous. But since the price of houses has gone up it means we have a good amount of equity in the house. So the plan is to refinance and get all the things we want done.

We don't have time to do it ourselves even if we had the expertise. But it seems that every day there's something else that we will have to fix. My wife put some clothes in the washer and dishes in the dishwasher. We already had problems with our main sewage line and had to replace that but if you have too much water running the pipes still can't handle the load. So about 20 minutes ago I walk into the kitchen and see water all over the floor because the sink overflowed. WTF...since when do sinks overflow. Let alone double sinks! So now I bet we'll have to redo all the plumbing too. *sigh*

Well hopefully when we get done we will have a kick ass house because we sure won't be able to afford to move. And the sad thing is that it will still be cheaper than buying a new house. And to add insult to injury I will probably need to take a week or two off work to handle all this stuff. If nothing else I am sure I will have to move stuff around so the construction can be completed.


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