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( Aug. 13th, 2008 11:13 pm)
So the Olympics are on at my store and we all heard the announcer say "He exploded off the block!" about a swimmer. Why did multiple people in the store laugh and immediately think of a guy actually exploding on the block. :)

Oh and I made some icons from a couple of comics that we looked at today.

ETA 1: OH. MY. GOD. The gymnast that was just on the horse just popped wood after doing gymnastics. He must really like gymnastics.

ETA 2: Two words...Misty Hymen.

ETA 3: I wonder if the Chinese athletes that get disqualified and stuff get executed?

ETA 4: When is Olympic LARPing or Olympic Dice Rolling?

ETA 5: [thick russian accent] In Mother Russia the apparatus mounts you.


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