Yes that's right. My daughter wanted to play Barbies so I had to get out my "action figures". (they"re not dolls!!!) :)

In this exciting episode Faith is given a crown by Queen Butterfly (who isn't bothered by nudity. apparently our values mean nothing to the half butterfly half human Barbie community). Now Princess Faith has to ride the magical least until the Queen takes it all back and gives it to her daughter. Luckily Faith is instead given a pegasus. And then it was time to weatch TV before bed. The End. :)

First you need to see this:

"Double the pleasure, baby, triple the fun!

To mark the addition of co-authors feature to the site, we challenge you to team up with a friend to write a first person story with chapters from alternating viewpoints. Pick a crossover pairing, then one of you writes a chapter from the BtVS character's perspective, and the other follows it up with a chapter from the Crossover character's point of view.

Whether you tell each other in advance what you are going to write... that's up to you ;)"

Now I want to know who's up for writing something for this challenge. You want crack-fic? Can do. You want kink fic? Let's do it. You want anything at all? I'll give it a shot since it sounds fun. :)
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( Aug. 17th, 2008 11:38 pm)
I really don't have anything to add but I'm kind of proud of this icon so I had to use it. :)
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( Aug. 13th, 2008 11:13 pm)
So the Olympics are on at my store and we all heard the announcer say "He exploded off the block!" about a swimmer. Why did multiple people in the store laugh and immediately think of a guy actually exploding on the block. :)

Oh and I made some icons from a couple of comics that we looked at today.

ETA 1: OH. MY. GOD. The gymnast that was just on the horse just popped wood after doing gymnastics. He must really like gymnastics.

ETA 2: Two words...Misty Hymen.

ETA 3: I wonder if the Chinese athletes that get disqualified and stuff get executed?

ETA 4: When is Olympic LARPing or Olympic Dice Rolling?

ETA 5: [thick russian accent] In Mother Russia the apparatus mounts you.
So I was adding the info for my third store to our website and in the process added an RSS feed script, updated my employment application, added all 3 locations into google maps with snazzy propaganda and revamped the page that has the store's commercial. And I also decided to create a forum for Supernaturally Twisted. It just needs a banner and some actual forums. lol.

So what do you think? Let me know if I made it suck for non-firefox users. :)

Updated Atlantis page:
New Commercial page:

Supernaturally Twisted forum:
-I am thinking that I'll need a pink fluffy skin also that has a Faith/Sam theme. Just cause.

And my friend [ profile] syx_of_swords joined. Go bombard her with comments or something. She's a total LJ noob. Make her write you some fic or something. :)
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( Feb. 3rd, 2008 01:02 am)
So Athena told me today that a dog peed in her diaper. That's why it was wet. It wasn't her. :)

more randomness and spoilers for NCIS season 2 )
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 03:19 am)
What an odd day it's been...

THE PAST (This afternoon):

The manager of my second store informed me today that both of his employees seemed to have found other jobs and that in two weeks the only person working that store will be him. What a lovely coincidence. Yay.

I saw that Buffy #2 is scheduled to ship on Wednesday. Now we'll hopefully get some answers. And because I'm a capitalist pig...order some copies of Buffy from me if you haven't already. Link to Store.

I bought a copy of the new Kim Harrison book 'For a Few Demons More' tonight. I love the series and the characters and maybe it's just my delicate male sensibilities but I just need to say this: "Enough already Rachel! Just let Ivy have her way with you." Here's hoping it happens in this book, ;)


Note to not buy milkshakes and subs from the WaWa after midnight. Probably not the best idea to trust gas station workers to be sticklers on food freshness and cleanliness. Also note that if you do consume milkshakes and subs it may result in splitting headache and nausea.

I just finished watching the season finale of BSG. And all I can say is WTF!?!? Cliffhangers are stupid. And you mean THOSE guys are cylons? I tell you what I really want to Jack, Charlie, and Locke defeat the Ori or does the Yellow Eyed Demon turn Peter Petrelli? Those are the questions I want answered in a BSG season finale!

(Quick...somebody go write that)

Blech...tomorrow is going to be a long day so to all my adoring fans...try to stay calm without me. Adoring Fans? Where'd you go...hey whose laughing?!?! I see you back there!

This brings our broadcast day to a close. Enjoy. :)
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( Feb. 2nd, 2007 02:09 pm)
I was watching this spelling bee show called Busy Bee or something. All I really had to say was that one of the kids spelled Bible BOLE. The show was all 5th graders. Maybe I just thought 5th graders should be smarter.


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