Buffy, Angel, Dr Who...oh my.

The bottom of this post is just links mostly. Most of you probably already know about the Buffy, Angel and Supernatural products coming out. So I want to take a minute to talk about a few comics that I think many people missed that I think are worth checking out. You can also feel free to skip to the end to read about the new Dr Who comic

The Sword )

Runaways )
Runaways Vol 1 HC
Runaways Vol 2 HC
Runaways Vol 3 HC

I think that's all I'm going to talk about today. I don't want to waste all my pimpin' at one sitting. :)

For a larger list of upcoming products check out my the Advance Order
section at the site:
Advance Orders

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #9
Angel After the Fall #1 (Season 6)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home TP (collects #1-5)
The Sword #1
Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons & Ghouls
Preacher Vol 1 TP Gone to Texas

Order a copy of the brand new Ultimates series by Jeph Loeb (one of
the Heroes writers) and get free shipping on your whole order. That's
right...for 2.99 you can get a #1 issue of Ultimates and free

ULTIMATES 3 #1 GATEFOLD HEROES VAR (use coupon code 'hero')
ULTIMATES 3 #1 GATEFOLD VILLAINS VAR (use coupon code 'villain')

Supernatural Dean Poster
Supernatural Sam Poster
Supernatural Magazine Newstand #2
Supernatural Magazine Previews Exclusive #2
Some new stuff that might interest you...because it interests me. :) And almost everything listed is in stock at this time so there's no waiting. And remember if you purchase 30.00 or more you get free US shipping.

New Stuff:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home TP (collects #1-5)

BTVS Willow Villains Bust

We also have the final printings of issues #1-4. These have the original cover art but without all those pesky words. Between the trade paperback and all the issues there shouldn't be any problem getting caught up. Just use the links below for any of the in stock Buffy items that interest you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 Final Printing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2 Final Printing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3 Final Printing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #4 Final Printing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #7
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Collection Vol 1

Cool Non Buffy stuff you might like.

Serenity Those Left Behind (bridges the show & movie)
Watchmen TP
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born HC
Heroes -Jim Lee Cover
Heroes -Alex Ross Cover
Robin #168 -Part 1 of the Resurrection of Rhas Al Ghul
Frak You the Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter First Death #2

More Supernatural & Angel behind the cut )
So I got my Serenity statue today and it is effing sweet. I really need to find some local fan-friends so they can come admire it. The next best thing is of course to squee about it on LJ. Aren't you jealous? ;)


Speaking of rubbing cool things in people's faces this reminds me of one of the many 'Tales of Atlantis Games & Comics' (which I own in case you missed it).

So 'T' is a 15 year old guy who is one of my customers. Nice kid but has a problem of just saying things without really thinking them through. 'H' is a 16 year old girl that works for me. So 'T' comes by and is bragging about getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. 'H' is a bit jealous because she wanted a Wii too. She claims that 'T' is just bragging to make her feel bad. So without missing a beat 'T' says: "Hey...if you want I can come back later and rub my Wii in your face."

Of course the lot of pervs we are, we burst into laughter at that. Of course 'H' and 'T' seemed completely clueless. When we explained it to 'H' she turned bright red and after seeing 'T's expression I can now say I've seen somebody splutter.
So I was explaining this whole thing in IM to [livejournal.com profile] spnaimee and she suggested I share. So gather round kiddies for one of the legendary tales of Atlantis Games & Comics.

The names have been changed to protect the ridiculed innocent.

The cast of players:
Akasha -16 year old mildly retarded girl with a speech impediment and an obsession with vampires. Akasha is what she actually told people to call her...you know because of the Anne Rice character?
Sugar Water -25+ year old guy who met Akasha somehow online perhaps. Named that because he looked a lot the guy made of bugs from Men In Black.
Click to read )
One of my employees just let me know about a new game store that is opening about a mile down the road from one of my stores.

Don't people get it? The gaming market is in a slump right now...why open a store. And why open one within 3 miles of 2 other stores. Don't people do any kind of research? And to add insult to injury they are almost completely copying us in game lines carried and incentive programs.

It seems you can't throw a stick anymore without somebody deciding to open a game store. I have a former customer that opened up in the same city who doesn't seem to understand why I won't help him. Now I've got this guy opening up a mile away. I have enough to worry about without the possibility of losing a customer or two. *sighs*

I shouldn't worry. I've been around for almost 12 years now. The Va Beach store has been open for almost 3 years and both are doing good. But I can't help worrying. This is my livelihood. The only skills I have are in retail...well that and stripping! (OK...I can't be that upset if I can make a stripping joke) Alright vent over. I feel better now. :)

Here's hoping the go out of business quick.
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( Jul. 29th, 2006 04:32 pm)
This is a bit of hyprocrisy since I am a gamer too but I don't care. There's gamer and there's !gamer!

I have a group of !gamers! sitting in my store right now. 4 of the 6 are dressed in black or...black. They are playing D&D which I like but their style of D&D is like a cult. Cult D&D seems to be all about having an excuse to talk about the most disturbing & offensive subjects. We allow open gaming in our store but is it really necessary to engage in discussions about pentacles, demons etc with the random donut sales guy who is raising money for his church.

And it went a little something like this )


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