I'm running a Supernatural Team Challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] spn_twisted. Go read and sign up. Any fandom welcome. I know there are plenty of SN/Smallville, SN/HP, SN/Btvs, SN/NCIS, SN/Dark Angel authors out there!

Let's see whose fandom will come out on top. :)

So who remembers that nifty Supernatural Crossover fanfic site that [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81 and I came up with last February? I think it was called...um...Supernaturally Twisted. It hasn't quite been a year yet but we have over 600 members and over a million words of Supernatural crossover fic. And the average quality of that fic is pretty good if I say so myself. :) Every day I resist the urge to comment spam people on my f-list who post fanfic because wouldn't it just be rude to say: "Your fic roxor!1!1!11 Plz be posting it to my website!"

Since I know I have lots of Supernatural fans on my f-list...

1.If you write Supernatural crossovers would you check out the site (http://www.spntwisted.com) and consider posting there?

2.If you just like good fanfic would you consider going there and leaving our authors some review love?

3.If you are willing to let us archive your work and would like someone to help get it moved over let me know and I'll find someone willing to do all the dirty work. ;) We'd set up an account for you so you get proper credit and review notifications etc. Just post a comment here and I'll get it set up.

4.About that dirty work...if you find yourself addicted to the internet like the rest of us and have some time you'd be willing to donate to help transfer fic to our site then let me know. :) It's all cut and paste so it's simple. The paste feature on the site even pastes formatting, links and other stuff. Just post a comment here and I'll give you a mission. lol.

And last but not least. Thanks to all the writers, reviewers and generally great people that have helped with the site.


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